Bure Valley Railway

Bure Valley Railway

ZB Class 2-6-2 No.7 Spitfire Approaching Aylsham

The Bure Valley Railway is a 15 inch gauge line, that runs from the Norfolk Town of Aylsham to the Norfolk Broads at Wroxham.

It Occupy’s the former Standard Gauge Trackbed of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway.

There are a number of Intermediate stops along the 9 mile route.



This is the Railway Headquarters. It has A large overall roof an three platforms, on normal days, in practice all trains depart from one Platform.

Here is also where the railways engine sheds and works are, which I believe are open to the public.

There is also a Turntable, Water Tower Signal Box & numerous sidings etc.


Brampton is more a halt, and has sort single Track Platform. This is a Great place for Bikers or walkers to alight or embark the train. On busy days or events trains pass here, the loop is outside of the station!


Yet another Single Track platform here. On the edge of the town of Buxton, this station lies next to housing, and this generates some public traffic as well as tourists.

Hautbois Loop

Although no Platform is present here, this is the main passing point on the line.

As on all points that lead into Loops on the line, they’re sprung, and trains must enter and leave the loops at a steady 5 miles an hour!


This is the last intermediate stop. It is sited where the Standard Gauge Railway station used to be, as you run out of the station, you pass the old Station building, now a private dwelling. There is a Passing loop and an Island Platform.


End of the line. Wroxham Terminus is located on the banks of the Norfolk Broads. Just a short walk to the Banks of the Broads takes you the Jetty, where you can go for a cruise on the famous Norfolk Broads.


Trains are Normally Steam Hauled by one of the 5 resident steam locos.

Trains have to turn at each end of the line, by means of Turntables.

It can’t be an easy job, heaving 7 1/2 tons worth of locomotive round!

The Railway runs a special Train, called “the Boat Train”. Not many railways have one of these, it runs in conjunction with Cruises on the Broads!

Motive Power

The line operates Five steam locomotives and One diesel on their Passenger Services. Two Tender Engines and Three Tank Engines.

The Tender locos were built is Wales and constructed to an Indian ZB Design, with a Prairie wheel arrangement, each loco is easily able to haul 9 coaches.


Also in Wroxham is Barton House, which has a 7 1/4″ & 5″ Gauge Miniature Railway, as well as a Small Railway museum and Boat rides on a lovely Wooden Varnished Motor Boat.

Website: http://www.bvrw.co.uk/index.asp

Line Length: 9 miles

Operational Locomotives:

  • ZB Class 2-6-2 No.6 Blickling Hall
  • ZB Class 2-6-2 No.7 Spitfire
  • Guest Engineering 2-6-4T No.1 Wroxham Broad
  • ZB Class 2-6-2T No.8 Thunder
  • ZB Class 2-6-2T No.9 Mark Timothy
  • Bo-Bo DH No.3 2nd Air Division USAAF
  • 0-4-0DL No.4 (Awaiting Naming)
  • Lister 0-4-0DM No.5 (Toby lookalike)


Blickling Hall being attended to at Wroxham

ZB 2-6-2T No.9 Mark Timothy

(All Pictures: © Copyright Evelyn Simak and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence)

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