Coate Water Miniature Railway

The Coate Water Miniature Railway


No.3 'Tinkerbell' at Lakeside Station

No.3 'Tinkerbell' at Lakeside Station

The CWMR is situated in the grounds of Coate Water Lake  and wildlife area!

It is operated by the North Wiltshire Model engineering Society.

The line has very interesting run, with an outer loop, an Inner loop and various other off-shoots as you go around! The main motive power on an operating day tends to be the electric class 86, although steam does make an apearence somtimes!

I visited the CWMR in November. (See: ‘Tinkerbell’ at Coate article.) 


Operateing days: Sundays…

Line Length: Approx 2/3rds of a  mile.

Operational Locomotives:

  • 4-6-2 No.—– ‘William J Clark’
  • Roanoke 0-4-0 petrol loco No.—- ‘Fred’
  • 0-4-0 Electric loco
  • Bo-Bo Electric class 86 No.86262
  • Co-Co Electric Class 66 No.66625

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