Recreation Railways

Recreation Railways

Tinkerbell running at Whitchurch

Recreation Railways is a privately run Miniature Railway hire company based in the Bristol Area. This doesn’t mean they only operate in the Bristol Area however, Recreation Railways run at many events a lot farther afield. Most public events being in the Somerset area.

It all kicked off with the purchase of a 7 1/4 inch gauge Tinkerbell Class steam locomotive by Andy Lunness, Operator of Recreation Railways.

In August 2009 Recreation Railways held their signature event which launched them into the press… reopening Charlton Road Viaduct in Shepton Mallet, which was originally part of the Somerset & Dorset Railway.

RR has operated at many other events since then, Including an annual visit to the West Somerset association Rally, Bath & West Railway open day plus visits to fates and Town Fayre’s etc.

Rolling Stock

RR now has two steam locomotives, the second purchased late last year, and has yet to make a Public appearance for RR. Both locos are to Roger Marshes Tinkerbell design.

The last few events, Recreation Railways has been using a Coach borrowed from the Cranmore Miniature Railway. This year however, RR has it’s own coaches, three of them to be precise!

Book Them

Of course RR are also available to hire for private as well as Public events, such as Weddings and Birthdays.

Click here to visit the Recreation Railways Website for more details!


The Public events that I know of so far line up as this!

Why not pop along to one of the Public events above, and say hello!

(The events information above is only a guide, and is subject to change or cancellation at short notice!)


  • “Tinkerbell” Class 2-4-2T No.3 Tinkerbell (John Bailiss)
  • “Tinkerebll” Class Single Fairlie 0-4-4T No.4 (?)


The two tinks

The Two "tinks"

Tink No.4 at Lackham, Single Fairlie Conversion

"Tink" 0-4-4T No.4 Single Fairlie at Lackham

'Tinkerbell' at Fosse Way, showing the Head Board for the event!

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