The Gartell Light Railway

Gartell Light Railway

The Gartell Light Railway is a brilliant 2ft gauge line that runs for approximately

0-4-2T No.6 'Mr, G' sat in Common Lane station

0-4-2T No.6 'Mr, G' sat in Common Lane station

one mile through the beautiful Somerset countryside.
The line is built on part of the original Somerset & Dorset Railway .
The line runs from the substantial main station of Common Lane (built just off the S&D) to Park Lane.
The passing point on the line is Pinesway Junction where you can alight for the lakeside picnic area.
The line carries on for roughly, another two thirds of a mile to Park Lane where the loco runs round before returning to Common Lane.
The line only operates on occasions, please visit the website for more info!
The Route:
From Common Lane the line runs over a level crossing and then twists under a bridge (which will carry a new extension).
The other side of the bridge the line swings to the left and the engine has to tackle the gruelling 1 in 32 gradient to Pinesway Junction.

From Pinesway the line runs virtually in a straight line to Park Lane.

There are negotiations going on to get an extension towards Templecombe.

The extention will run for about 200yrds to a new halt which will be called Tower view, as Alfreds Tower is visable from this point!


Operateing days: Special running days, sundays throughout August.

Line Length: 3/4 of a mile.

Operational Locomotives:

  • North Dorset loco works 0-4-2T No.6 Mr. G
  • Alan White/GLR 0-4-0TT No.9 Jean
  • Alan Keef 0-4-0DH No.5 Allison
  • Bo-BoDH No.1 Amanda
  • Baguley Drewry 0-4-0 No.2 Andrew

Track plan of Common Lane station:

Common Lane track plan (Click to enlarge!!!!)
Common Lane track plan (Click to enlarge!!!!)

Numerbers on map correspond to the numbers below:

  1. Entrance over footbridge
  2. Gift shop and N gauge railway
  3. Outside seating area with table benches
  4. The Pines function room/Restraunt/Tickets
  5. Locomotive sheds
  6. Waiting room on Platform 2
  7. Carriage shed
  8. Common Lane Signal Box
  9. Grass area with Benches
  10. Car Park


A view Common Lane Station

0-4-0TT No.9 'Jean' at Common Lane

Cab of 0-4-2T No.6 'Mr.G'

Video Area:

Here is one of my own videos from youtube of the GLR, showing the steam and Vintage show last year (2009)!

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