The Longleat Railway

Longleat Railway

The Longleat Railway is situated In the grounds of… Well  Longleat  House!

0-6-2T No.6 'John Hayton' in the shed

0-6-2T No.6 'John Hayton' in the shed

It is a 15 inch gauge line that runs in a Balloon loop for just over a mile.
Motive power tends to be a diesel loco, though the steam locomotive does operate on occasions.
There are lots of features on the line including Two bridges, a tunnel, a long run alongside half-mile lake and the three road engine shed at Longleat Central.

Locos include 3 diesel locos, and one steam loco (built for the line by the Exmoor Steam Railway.)
Longleat Central is the heart of the railway, it has the loco sheds, an extensive yard, a platform long enough to hold seven coaches, a Turntable, a fully working Signal Box and a well stocked shop.


Railways are never finished, there’s always somthing going on! There’s currently a siding being built to assist with Satna specials! 


Operateing days: Daily from March to October, Santas in December.

Line Length: 1 1/4 miles.

Operational Locomotives:

  • Exmoor Steam Railway 0-6-2T No.6 ‘John Hayton’
  • Alan Keef 0-6-0DH No.7 ‘Flynn’
  • Severn Lamb/LR 0-8-2DH steam outline diesel No.5 ‘Ceawlin’
  • LR Bo-BoDH No.4 ‘Lenka’

Longleat Central track plan:

Track plan of Longleat Central (Click to enlarge!!!)

Track plan of Longleat Central (Click to enlarge!!!)

  1. Station Building/Tickets/Gift shop
  2. TurnTable
  3. Pump Car
  4. Signal Box
  5. Locomotive Shed
  6. Enterance
  7. Exit



Longleat Central Station

Another view of 0-6-2T No.6 'John Hayton'

0-6-0 Diesel loco No.7 'Flynn' in the station

Video area:

Here is a video of some shots filmed at the Longleat Railway over the past couple of years.

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