The Telford Steam Railway

Telford Steam Railway

The Telford Steam Railway is located in Dawley, a few miles from Ironbridge, where the Ironbridge world  Heritage

Peckett & sons Ltd 0-4-0ST No.1722 'Rocket' in Spring Village station

Peckett & sons Ltd 0-4-0ST No.1722 'Rocket' in Spring Village station

site is located.
The TSR runs for a little under a mile and runs in a Y shape from Spring Village station up to Heath Hill tunnel where the railway is building an extension through the tunnel to Lawley common. It then runs back down to Horsehay & Dawley and Return.
From Horsehay & Dawley the line is being extended towards Ironbridge.
There is plenty to do around the area too. There is a restaurant, miniature railway, Rare narrow gauge Steam Tram and a Play Area.

The Best Bits: As I said above there is plenty to do, and the staff are very friendly!


Operating days: Weekends April to September.

Line Length: 3/4 of a mile.

Operational Locomotives:

  • Peckett & Sons Ltd 0-4-0ST No.1722 ‘Rocket’
  • Belgium 0-4-0VB No.2945 ‘Yvonne’
  • GWR 56XX class 0-6-2T No.5619 (Currently on loan to various railways)
  • Ruston Hornsby 0-4-0DH No. 525947 ‘Rusty’
  • BR Class 08 0-6-0DH No.D3429


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