Locomotive Index

Locomotive Index

This is the new Locomotive Index page.

Listed here are Fact pages about Steam Locomotives from Britain and from Abroad. To start with at least, I’ll only list locomotives that are in Preservation.

British Locomotives:

London, Midland & Scottish


5MT “Black Five” Class 4-6-0

8F Class 2-8-0

6P “Jubilee” Class 4-6-0

8P “Princess Coronation” Class 4-6-2

8P “Princess Royal” Class 4-6-2


4F Class 0-6-0

3F “Jinty” Class 0-6-0T

6P “Patriot” Class 4-6-0

7F Class 2-8-0

7P “Royal Scot” Class 4-6-0


4MT “Fairburn Tank” Class 2-6-4T


2MT “Mickey Mouse” Class 2-6-2T

2MT Class Mogul 2-6-0

4MT Class Mogul 2-6-0

Great Western Railway


1361 Class 0-6-0ST

2800 Class 2-8-0

4200 Class 2-8-0T

4500 Class 2-6-2T

Steam Railmotor


1366 Class 0-6-0PT

14XX Class 0-4-2T

2251 Class 0-6-0

2884 Class 2-8-0

4073 “Castle” Class 4-6-0

4575 Class 2-6-2T

49XX “Hall” Class 4-6-0

5101 Class 2-6-2T

5205 Class 2-8-0T

56XX Class 0-6-2T

57XX Class 0-6-0PT

60XX “King” Class 4-6-0

61XX Class 2-6-2T

64XX Class 0-6-0PT

72XX Class 2-8-2T

78XX “Manor” Class 4-6-0


15XX Class 0-6-0PT

16XX Class 0-6-0PT

94XX Class 0-6-0PT

London, Northern & Eastern Railway

Southern Railways

British Railways

American Locomotives:

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