PS Medway Queen Floats!

November 6, 2013

PS Medway Queen Floats!

Medway Queen afloat

Picture: Courtesy Ian Murray.

The reconstruction of the Medway Queen took a massive leap forward with the Re-floating of the newly constructed hull!

For the last few years, Albion Dry-dock in Bristol has been in the process of rebuilding the Hull from scratch! On October 24th 2013, the new Medway Queen was towed out of the dry dock where she was floated several weeks earlier into Bristol Harbour before being finally towed down the Avon, bound for her old home on the Medway!

There is still a lot of work to do on the ship, as seen in the picture, she’s riding very high in the water, due to no fittings inside as yet, although I do believe her Twin Cylinder Compound engine has been reinstated! Also, only the from work of the Paddles had been fitted.

I don’t think there are any dates as to when the Medway Queen will be operating, but presumably it’ll probably be next year some when!

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