Seaton No.8 goes Bristol

July 3, 2012

Seaton No.8 goes Bristol

Tramcar No.8 at Colyton in her new Bristol Livery

No.8 at Colyton showing off her new brand new paint job

The Seaton Tramway have recently Re-launched their Tram No.8 in the Navy Blue & White Bristol Livery. The launch took place at the Riverside Depot on June 23rd, during the Trains, Trams & Buses Gala weekend.

No.8 was the “Pink Tram” until 2011 when Car No.11 superseded it.

She looks very smart, and as far as I know, is the only Tram in preservation that carries the Bristol Livery, although one Bristol Tram survived into preservation at Kemble airfield in Gloucestershire as part of the Bristol Aero Collection!

Bristol Tramways Brief History

The Bristol Tramway is of course quite famous, the operators, the Bristol Tram and Carriage Company, which was really a merger of two companies into one!

The Bristol Tramway started life as a horse Drawn line in 1875. 1895 saw the introduction of the Electric Tram, Bristol was the first City to introduce them. During it’s peak, Bristol had over 237 Trams operating over 17 routes! In 1937 the Tramways passed to a joint committee of the Bristol Tramways and Bristol Corporation.

By 1937 the Trams were starting to be phased out, but this was halted after the outbreak of World War II! Bristols’ Tramways did however come to an abrupt and undignified end in 1941 after the Luftwaffe’s Good Friday bombing raid which sent most of Bristol Centre up in flames which would no doubt have included the famous Tramway Centre. Several areas of the track were destroyed, and bridges, but the most detrimental blow was a bomb landing next to the Generating Centre at St Phillips, severing the power supply. With no electricity, and no chance of repair, the Trams of Bristol met their demise.

The last Tram from Old Market to Kingswood was given a push by Passers-by and free-wheeled back to the Depot. The Company survived until 1957 operating buses, by then, it’s name changed to the Bristol Omnibus Company.

Click here for some pictures of the Trains, Trams & Buses weekend:

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