Titanic to Sail again?

July 7, 2013

Titanic to Sail again?


[Right : This is a rough idea of what the ship will look like. I drew this myself on Paint, so it’s no where near accurate!]

Ok, not usual OldSteamers stuff, but I couldn’t resist writing an article about this! I’ve always been fascinated with the story of the RMS Titanic and now exciting plans have been unveiled for a replica of the ill-fated ship.

The Man with the Plan

The man behind the plan is Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer!

His vision is to rebuild the Titanic in all her splendour, with exterior and interior as close to the original ship as possible, including the Grand Staircase, 1st class rooms, 2nd class rooms and 3rd class rooms!

The ship is to be built in China by a shipbuilders who build some of the biggest Cargo vessels!

The Design

The Design of the ship will of course be slightly different to the original to bring her up to current safety regulations!

The Titanic II will be 4 metres wider than the original ship, have an extra deck (Giving her 10 decks instead of 9), have  welded not Iron Riveted Hull and be powered by Diesel Electric “Pod” type engines rather than Steam. “Pods” are common on most cruise ships today, being able to swivel 360 degrees, and she will also have Bow thrusters for increased manoeuvrability!

Other Modern equipment will include stabilizers to reduce sway in rough seas, Air conditioning, the bridge with addition of the new deck will be 1.3 Metres higher than the original and be fitted with the latest state of the art Satellite navigation and Radar systems!

The Extra Deck or as I believe it’s called, the “Safety Deck” will have Non-original Titanic features, including a theatre and Casino! This deck will also house the New Lifeboat arrangement! The lifeboats will be Modern motor powered enclosed lifeboats with a maximum capacity of 250 passengers each. Replica Lifeboats from the original Titanic will be built for display on the boat deck.

A Heli-pad will be located at the stern of the ship.

The Two redundant forward Funnels will have viewing galleries built into them for stunning views at sea!

The ship will also be 3 inches longer than the original. An addition to the bow is an area where passengers can re-enact the Rose/Jack stunt from the film!

Like the original, her passenger capacity will be 2,400!

Original features

The plan is to build the ship as close to the original as possible!

She will have a fully functional Edwardian Gym identical to the original, the original style Swimming Pool, Grand Staircase, Turkish Baths, Cafe Parisien, Smoking Room and Reading and Writing Room!

Passengers of different classes will not be allowed to mingle except for on the Safety Deck. She won’t have TVs, Internet or modern music systems! She will be as true to the 1912 experience as you can get. Apparently included on the cruise will be traditional Edwardian outfits in the rooms wardrobes! (Which is just cool!)

Obviously to meet current fire regulations, wooden panelling will be vinyl instead!

Technical Sepcs

As mentioned earlier, she will powered by 3 Azipod Diesel/Electric steering and propulsion units producing a staggering combined output of 64,000 HP!

Wight: (Estimated) 56,000 Gross Tonnage!

Crew: 900

Passenger Capacity: 2,435

Maximum cruising speed: 24 Knots (44Kph – 28 Mph)

Draught: 7.5 Metres (Less than the original)

Beam: 32.2M

Length: 261.15M (883ft)

Operator: Blue Star Line


It is without a doubt one of the most exciting Engineering projects of the 21st Century! I myself cannot wait to see her completed!

There has been a bit of controversy over whether it is morally right to build a replica of Titanic! But, you can look at it either way!

She is scheduled for completion in 2016, then, making her maiden voyage from China to Southampton, then onto New York! A staggering 40,000 people have displayed an interest in sailing aboard her. Just goes to show what a popular ship she would be!

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